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Certified organic products from handpicked Icelandic herbs.

No preservatives, and no added fragrance or color.

Villimey started out as a hobby at the kitchen table over twenty years ago. Today it is a thriving cottage industry, its lovingly formulated salves largely derived from traditional Icelandic remedies, passed on by word of mouth from generation to generation over hundreds of years.

Villimey, which specializes in biological salves and ointments made of Icelandic herbs, has been granted with an international certification for the sustainable gathering of wild plants by the Iceland-based certification institute Tún.


The Charm Behind the Villimey Products

Villmey (“Wild Maiden”) the organic herbal company, offers a wide range of 100 percent organic Icelandic salves. Choose from products that treat everything from baby rash to sore joints and itchy feet, as well as those that beautify skin and heal wounds.

Many plants and herbs have long been recognized for their healing effects. The power behind the products are the ingredients – Icelandic herbs that are hand-picked from the pure, untainted environment of the West Fjords. Villimey’s passion for purity has been recognized with an international organic certification.

The products can be used to treat ailments of various nature such as pain, swelling, skin rash, skin burn and diaper rash, to name a few. The materials used for the balms and salves are picked from the largest certified organic picking area in Iceland, which is over 120 km in size. Icelandic herbs are especially potent since the soil is extremely cold and the summers are very short.